Colorado Improv Training

While we are certainly still in a recession, the last thing a company wants is to lose more employees. It's important to make sure your teams are working well together, your employees are finding new and creative ways to do their jobs, and that everyone is fully equipped to manage in a down economy.
These days, most employees are doing 3 jobs in 1 and the morale may be low. As an executive staff, you have the task of keeping them focused, working together, and feeling like their contribution is irreplaceable.
Employee training and team building is more crucial now than ever. Just as you spend more money on marketing in a down economy, you have to stay on top of employee morale and training.
Whether you work at a church, non-profit, school, or large corporation, Lorenc Consulting & Entertainment can provide half-day classes to your staff. Help your employees be more creative, think on their feet (great for sales teams), and work as a team.
Contact us today for a free quote and see how you can Ignite Your Thinking.

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