WHAT IF...Festival brings creativity and innovation to Colorado Springs

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to be part of the first annual WHAT IF...Festival in downtown Colorado Springs.  It was an amazing opportunity to share creative ideas, find new inspiration, and discover innovative thinking among the community and artists.

My involvement was teaching an improv class along with another member of Stick Horses in Pants comedy improv group. We had some amazing students, most of which had no comedy improv or stage experience.  But the truth is, we improv in our lives on a daily basis. We're constantly thrown into situations where we have to come up with an immediate answer, react to our environment, or respond to a suggestion.  Even though we only had an hour with our class, I felt like we were truly able to communicate the importance of the concepts of improv in everyday life. It's inspiring to me to see students grow in their creativity and ways of thinking. 

It also inspired me to set up more public improv classes so that others can use these concepts to improve their daily lives. Improv is like anything else - if you know what and how to practice, you can sharpen your skills and benefit from the discipline. It's just a matter of choosing to Ignite Your Thinking.

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