Yes and business

We live in a world of, "Yes, but..." and just flat out "NO"'s when it comes to responding to others.  Whether you work at a non-profit, church, or any other organization, without a doubt you've both seen and been part of these interactions on a daily basis. Companies discussing expansions, new product ideas, system upgrades...whatever the topic, there are always those who "negate" others ideas by crushing them with a "Yes, but" attitude.

So, what do we do to change these negative answers to something that will encourage creativity, engage others, and bring us somewhere we thought we could never go?  It's very simple, and it's an improv comedy concept = Yes, and.

"Yes, and" accepts the message that was given, whether it's an idea or simply a statement, and adds to it.  It's a positive response which encourages more thinking, creativity, and opens a world of ideas that you never thought possible.

So, try it for just ONE day. You may want to actually say, "Yes, and" aloud, but at the minimum think "Yes, and" in your head before you respond to anyone at work today. You can always check yourself by:

1) making sure you're not really responding with "Yes, but"
2) making sure you're excepting their thought PLUS adding something to it and building on it in a positive way

Whether they are complimenting your neck tie, or pitching an idea, your acceptance and continuation of their thought will show with a "Yes, and" attitude. This concept will take a team to new levels of cohesion, a brainstorm session to amazing results, and employees to new levels of respect for their superiors.  It will truly have an impact the entire organization and help you make your business a "Yes and Business."

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