Making others look good builds a team of any kind

As an improv actor, one of the things I focus on while on stage is making others look good. This is hard sometimes - all of us have our selfishness and pride, and we want to be seen as the hero. In fact, if an audience member comes up to me at the end of a show and tells me, "You were the star of the show" or "You were the best one on stage tonight," then I probably didn't do my job right. I'm one team member of the improv comedy group, and I have to focus on gifting the other players (setting them up) to be creative, innovative, and just flat out amazing.

This concept applies in any team environment. Whether you are part of a team at your job, your church, or a volunteer group, you are simply one member of that team.  It's your job to make the team look good as a whole, whether or not you're the "leader" of that group. Remember, you're part of this team - so when they look good, you look good.

What are you doing to help others look amazing? Think about how you can help your team succeed and gift them with opportunities to shine. This starts with an attitude of trust, and a positive humble spirit. Let the absurd ideas be considered, remove your assumptions and inhibitions, and encourage an environment of creative innovation.

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