New improv group Laugh Therapy performs at financial therapy seminar

Improv comedy can open people to new ideas and communicate points to any audience.  That's why Lorenc Consulting and Entertainment has been asked to form a comedy improv group specifically for a financial therapy seminar.  It's a free lecture series brought to you by The Meadows clinic based in Arizona. The lectures are taking place across the country, but we're focused on the Colorado Springs event with speaker Laurel Justice MA.

In an effort to bring a variety of ways to communicate her points, Laurel has boldly partnered with Lorenc Consulting to form Laugh Therapy Improv Group.  We'll be doing a short 15 minute set based on the concepts and suggestions of financial therapy.

This lecture series is open to the public so come join us on Thursday, November 4th at the Doubletree World Arena from 7pm - 8:30pm.

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