Is your team making others the hero?

In improv comedy, we focus on working as a team on stage.  That means setting others up to succeed, to have the best line, and to make them the hero. 
In an team environment, it's important to make others look good! That is what truly makes the team look good.  If one person on your team is working independently to shine and take credit for team efforts, your team is not functioning at its full potential.  Whether it's a team in the workplace, church, or any organization it's important to work together and make each other the hero.  No one person should be taking credit for the accomplishments and victories of that group.
So, how do you make others the hero?  How do you set your teammates up for success and let the team take credit for victories? Make sure you're using the Yes, And principle by accepting what others are saying and adding to their thoughts. A team member who's constantly saying, "Yes, but" is stifling the creativity process and creating barriers that will stop a team cold in its tracks.
Make sure your team interactions are positive and enabling others to be the hero!

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